New ONE Year Programs

We are now offering 2 different One Year certificate packages to choose from. Each package offers a balanced set of art disciplines. It is designed for students who need to sharpen skills and build a portfolio for postsecondary art school applications AND adults who are serious about life long learning in visual arts. Students must attend all 4 classes regularly across 2 semesters. Students who successfully complete a one year package may take another one year package. Students may also take the same package again. All successful students receive a certificate at the end of the year.

To avoid disappointment and drop out, prospective students should be aware that the workload is substantial. The year long program is full-time, comprehensive and rigorous. Classes may run either in the morning or afternoon, Monday to Friday. The school year runs from September through to the end of June. It is expected that students do approximately 3 hours of work outside of class for each of the classes they attend, to further build on the concepts learned and to complete the assignments. That means students are expected to spend a minimum of 15 hours each week working independently outside of class time.

Dedicated Staff

Our teaching artists bring a high degree of subject expertise and instructional quality to the studio classroom.
We teach fundamental art and design skills and build on those skills so that students develop a personal creative process and individual style. Our genuine enthusiasm and passion for visual arts education creates an engaging and challenging environment for our adult students. Our teachers offer open studios throughout the year so that students can take advantage of the facility and have an opportunity to work on projects outside of class time. We support our adult students by sharing our individual and collective knowledge of the Toronto art scene and offering constructive criticism and sincere encouragement.

Fees and Materials

Please note that students are required to supplement costs for materials. There is a supplies fee of $600.00 per year. The fee will be due upon the first week of class in September. A list of the materials the fee covered will be given to all students at that time. Please note: no fees will be refunded after the last Friday in September. *Note: Official tax receipts are not given as fees are not tuition.

Program Highlights

  • Annual student and staff exhibition
  • A balance between developing foundational technical skills and critical, conceptual thinking abilities
  • Involvement in community art projects
  • Relevant and exciting field trips
  • Professional artist lecture series
  • Professional models for life drawing
  • Dedicated and trained studio volunteers to assist teachers and students
  • A community atmosphere

Facility Highlights

  • 16 dedicated, specialized studios with northern skylights
  • Separate ceramic studio (equipped with 10 wheels).
  • A Kiln room (the largest in any secondary school with 2 walk-in gas kilns and several electric).
  • The only bronze foundry in a secondary school in Canada.
  • The best full facility sculpture studio in Toronto (with areas for life modelling, casting, carving, as well as a fabrication pit for construction and welding).
  • ¬†two large life drawing studios.
  • dedicated design and painting studios.
  • A spacious printmaking studio (with 2 lithography and 2 etching presses, screen printing, and a industry standard ventilation system.
  • 2 computer labs with up to date Mac equipment.
  • 2 darkrooms for traditional film processing and printing.
  • Video and digital film editing lab.

*Note: Official tax receipts are not given out because the cost is not tuition. Students are also responsible for their own materials throughout the year.