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This package explores a variety of mediums through a blend of classic instruction and contemporary practice. Observational

Drawing and Painting

Through this course students will be engaged in the fundamental process of recording observations of the three dimensional world onto a two dimensional picture plane. Students will learn various observational methods, drawing and painting approaches, design and the visual language.


This multi-level printmaking course explores traditional printmaking practices such as drypoint engraving and copper-etching; lithography; relief printing on linoleum and screen printing. Students will be introduced to a range of water based materials and techniques for painting. The characteristics of composition will be explored through the study and application of the elements and principles of design. The subject genres of still life and landscape will be the focus for this course.


This course begins with the fundamentals of ceramics: pottery on the wheel, building techniques, glazing and firing. There is a strong emphasis on 3 dimensional design. Historical reference is made throughout the course to give students a sense of origins and development of ceramics.

2D & 3D Mixed Media

Students will explore their own ideas and own styles through experimentation with materials and techniques.  The focus will be on developing a personal creating process.  Visual culture, modern and contemporary practices and aesthetics will be looked at and discussed.
Package 2
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This package is for the staunch traditionalist. Explore 2D and 3D art in their most fundamental forms and develop the skills to photograph your work like a pro!


From the silver photo process, moving through to digital imaging, this introductory course will give students a basic understanding of photography, composition and lighting and take them to a new level of image making. Film processing and printing and Photoshop image manipulation will round out this course.


Steady your hand, explore line, and refine your rendering of the sacred sphere. Perspective and form will finally come alive in this intensive exploration of the most important of all art skills.


Students will learn how to create pictorial space using the relationship of colour chart characteristics.  Beginning with real life students will move towards abstraction using a variety of palettes and painting techniques.

Observational Sculpture

A variety of sculptural techniques (bronze casting and more) will be explored through the use of traditional methods.