D. Vanderheyden

I make art and I teach people about making art. I need to make art and I love teaching people. That makes me an artist-teacher. The Art Centre at Central Technical School is where I teach. It’s a high school microcosm of the very best art schools - awesome instructors and amazing facilities. Also right now I am working on a new series that is exploring my own stretched identity experiences.

I was not always an artist-teacher. In 1987 while working in my warehouse studio in the Dufferin/King area, I heard a news piece on the CBC that talked about an impending shortage of teachers in Toronto. That got me thinking. I applied to Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. Didn’t get in - no experience working with young people. Volunteered in a school for a year to get some. Got in! That year I made art, married, became a mother and teacher.

Becoming a mother empowered me. Being a mother gave me the confidence to be all of me - an artist, a teacher and a mother.